Custom Lite

The Custom Lite is a fully-customisable rigid stainless steel frame wheelchair offering clients excellent mobility and stability.

At just 9.5 kg the Custom Lite is the perfect balance between sturdy, dependable stability and lightness that allows users to manoeuvre easily, cover challenging terrain and load and unload their chair from vehicles.

To ensure that each Custom Lite user has a chair unique to them, the Custom Lite features a range of customisable elements including:

  • Removable side plate, fixed side plate, removable armrest or side skirts
  • Height adjustable footrests
  • Centre of gravity adjustment
  • Backrest angle adjustment and folding
  • Tensions adjustable backrest
  • Scissor or push brakes
  • Removable wheels (Assorted)
  • Anti-tips (Optional)

You can also customise the colour of the frame, push rims and more to make your chair unique to you.

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Additional information

Weight9.5 kg
Country of Origin

South Africa


Stainless Steel


Custom Colour


5 years


2 weeks (polished), 4-6 weeks (powder coated)


Removable side plate, fixed side plate, removable armrest or side skirts, Height adjustable footrests, Centre of gravity adjustment, Backrest angle adjustment and folding, Tensions adjustable backrest, Scissor or push brakes, Removable wheels (Assorted), Anti-tips (Optional)