Panthera X

The advanced ultra-light carbon-fibre Panthera X is one of the world’s lightest wheelchairs, designed for users who need dynamic mobility to suit their busy, active lifestyles.

The Panthera X is manufactured from super-lightweight carbon fibre, using the same technology from the aerospace and Formula 1 industries.

Along with its 2.1kg frame weight, the Panthera X comes with an advanced chassis that provides a balanced, effortless grip when lifting the chair into a car, and the frame stiffness means the chair is incredibly easy to manoeuvre in tight spaces, steeper gradients and rougher surfaces.

The chair offers a range of customisable features to ensure the perfect fit for each user, including: 

  •  Carbon fibre strength for rigidity
  •  At just 2.1 kg it’s the lightest chair in the world!
  •  Easy to operate and lift into and out of vehicles
  •  Built-in rear axle for stability & smooth movement
  •  4 back-rest positions make it comfortable for all users
  •  Multiple back-rest heights from 22-35cm, fully adjustable
  •  Adjustable footrest
  •  Clip-on/off wheels for easy switching between road/off-road surfaces
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Weight2.1 kg
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Carbon Fibre


Carbon Fibre


5 years


4-6 weeks