Chairman Industries - Manufacturer and Supplier of Wheelchairs and Mobility Equipment in South Africa
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Chairman Industries - Manufacturer and Supplier of Wheelchairs and Mobility Equipment in South Africa
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  Chairman Industries Basketball Wheelchair  
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Basketball Wheelchair  
Basketball Wheelchair
Frame • Rigid
• High quality stainless steel
• Rust resistant
Seat width and depth • Custom built to size
• Measured by qualified consultant
Seat angle • Fixed at 0°, 12°, 20°
Backrest • Custom built height (measured)
Rear wheels • Camber: 20°
• Quick release
• 24” and 26” wheels
Optional extra • Spinergy wheels
Castors • 75mm high quality competition front castors
• 52mm rear anti-tips
Footplate • Adjustable
Standard additions
(to IWBF rules)
• Hip-, thigh- and foot straps
• Foam leg pads
• Bump bar covers
Additional cost • Wheel bag
• Special logo
Colours • Wide range – matt or metallic (see colour chart below)             
Weight • 10.5 kg (without wheels)
Guarantee • Three years on frame
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Colour chart

Polished stainless steel
Mag silver
C14 green
Gloss black
Matt black
Ferrari red
Candy apple red
Sapphire blue
Bloubul blue
Dark blue
Canary yellow
Light yellow
White   Metallic options are available
Development Basketball Wheelchair Low-cost basketball wheelchairs.
Development Basketball Wheelchair
Ideal for grassroot development, new clubs, schools and social basketball players.

Frame • Fixed
• Thin walled mild steel
Seat width • Fixed: 300, 350, 400, 450 mm
Seat depth • Adjustable: 350, 400, 450 mm
Backrest height • Adjustable: 250, 300, 350 mm
Footrest height • Adjustable: 450, 475, 500 mm
Rear wheels • Camber: 15°
• Quick release
• 26” x  1” with 36 spokes
• Aluminum push rims
Castors • 3” polyurethane mini castors
• Aluminum forks
Anti-tip • Single
• 3” polyurethane mini castor
• Adjustable height 0 – 20mm
Upholstery • Adjustable tension
• Water resistant nylon
Cushion • 50mm thick foam
• Nylon cover
Straps • Hip-, knee-, foot and ankle strap             
Colour • Black
Weight • Approximately 12 kg
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